As your elected Minnesota House Representative, I will continue to fight for the priorities that matter to you and to our community.

Better Public Safety

Few things matter more than knowing your community, neighborhood, home and family are safe. I will build on my history of working across the aisle to solve problems that impact the places where we live and work.

As Plymouth City Council member:

  • I voted to expand the number of professional firefighters, ensuring we had a reliable resource for our community.
  • I supported additional funding that enabled the Plymouth police to hire a data analyst to increase the police efficiency.
  • I voted to increase the number of police officers.

Protect Our Excellent Education System

As a father who was deeply involved in my daughters’ after-school programs and sports, I know how vital schools are to our kids and community.

As your elected representative, I will:

  • Ensure that our K-12 education system works for all students
  • Support students by ensuring that they have effective guidance counseling and mental health professionals available
  • Fully fund special education so all children can get the resources they need
  • Prioritize safe schools by making necessary safety improvements state-wide

Protect the Environment

Our backyards, parks and natural spaces are important resources. As your district representative, I will work with other elected members of the legislature to expand the electric grid, enabling electric vehicle stations to be added as infrastructure across the state. I will also work to preserve and protect our soil and water resources.

As Plymouth City Council member:

  • I facilitated the installation of more than 100 electric vehicle charging stations to reduce pollution in our community.
  • I successfully advocated for the installation of solar panels on city buildings.

Promote Our Local Businesses

Businesses are a pillar of our community. As your house representative, I will focus on creating a favorable tax environment for local businesses. I will also work with businesses, schools and government organizations to develop the workforce of tomorrow.

As Plymouth City Council member:

  • I helped family businesses with regulatory issues and challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • I Initiated and led the effort to secure Plymouth’s first craft beer taproom.

Improve Transportation

As your elected representative in the House, I will prioritize improving and funding our local and state transportation infrastructure.

As Plymouth City Council member:

  • I successfully advocated for a third lane on I-494 to improve daily commutes and reduce highway congestion in Plymouth.
  • I supported much needed safety measures, including congestion reduction on roads under construction.
  • I advocated for bus rapid transit on Highway 55 from Plymouth to Minneapolis to reduce commutes.

Advocate for Better Health Care

Your family’s health is deeply personal and important to protect. Having worked as legal counsel for a nonprofit health insurance plan, I understand how hard it can be to get the services and treatment you need.

As your elected representative, I will:

  • Work to reduce healthcare costs
  • Protect abortion rights for all individuals

Improve the Criminal Justice System

Minnesota deserves a fair and effective justice system. If I’m elected, I will leverage my experience as a long-time assistant Hennepin County attorney to promote justice and safe communities.

As your elected representative, I will:

  • Advocate for victims of crime
  • Support and work toward meaningful bail reform
  • Work to eliminate disparities in sentencing decisions